CPEX is Louisiana's only non-profit planning organization, working statewide to empower residents to realize great neighborhoods and quality places, transportation choices, resilient communities, and civic engagement and education. For more information about CPEX's work, visit "Services" or "Projects" at the top of the page.

Whether it's an individual campus or site, a neighborhood, or an entire city or Parish, CPEX brings together partners at every scale of planning to make quality places a reality in Louisiana. 

Components and Factors in Community Planning




Resilient Planning and Flood Risk Reduction

Resilient cities and states are those that have successfully reduced vulnerabilities on multiple fronts. Resilience has emerged as a crucial planning strategy for cities and states as they seek to secure their futures against the increasing frequency, skyrocketing costs, and variable nature of disaster. Louisiana’s rapidly changing climate necessitates a more future-focused approach to planning and investment – an approach that addresses and reduces vulnerabilities at every scale. Sound local planning and regulations – including floodplain management plans, hazard mitigation plans, and comprehensive plans – encourage or require activities that help stabilize communities both by directly reducing risk and by reducing flood insurance premiums through the Community Rating System (CRS). These activities include open space preservation, flood mitigation, establishment of freeboard, enforcement of building codes, detailed mapping, analysis and publication of flood-data, and more.

Public Green Space, Green Infrastructure, and Stormwater Management

The future of water management is not reliant on a single system nor solely focused on drainage. Green infrastructure differs from the conventional use of pipes to convey stormwater to a water treatment system by using vegetation, soils and natural processes to manage water. Communities have the opportunity to improve drainage and thereby reduce flood risk by initiating policies and programs that incentivize managing stormwater on site and using environmentally sensitive infrastructure, architecture and landscaping. 

Housing and Development Practices

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Community Leadership and Resident-Driven Planning

Engaged citizens are at the heart of everything a community does, from community outreach and gathering stakeholder input to public education and demonstration projects. A clear sense of community priorities provides a sound foundation for planning and is essential to good decision making. 

Transportation and Infrastructure

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Smart Policies

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Community Planning in Louisiana

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CPEX's work in Community Planning

Community Plans

Over its history, CPEX has worked with city officials, staff, residents and stakeholders to identify opportunities for growth and enrichment. Check out a few of our featured community plans below. 



CPEX worked with Gonzales residents, staff, stakeholders, and elected officials to create a vision and guiding principles of the plan that reflect the core values and supports residents’ and stakeholders’ desires for the future of Gonzales. The comprehensive plan specifically addresses the city’s land use, urban design, downtown redevelopment, transportation, housing, neighborhoods, and a prosperous economy. 



CPEX provides technical expertise and project management for coastal communities' resiliency planning and implementation efforts. The town's leadership, in partnership with CPEX, pursued grant fund to develop a proactive strategy to diversify their economy, increase employment opportunities, celebrate their history, protect the health of the bayou, prepare for storms, and foster the area's unique local culture at a time that presents both challenges and opportunities. 



In 2009, the town of Jena, LA turned to CPEX for a master plan to address and embrace residential growth and to accommodate and capitalize on proposed changes to Hwy 84. CPEX helped assemble a Core Support Group that was the champion and sounding board for the consultant team during the nine month planning process. The Town Master Plan was adopted January 26, 2010 and includes both a policy component to guide incremental change over time and a design component to guide physical improvements. 

Policy and Publications

CPEX produces toolkits and reports to advise communities, leaders, elected officials, industry partners, and engaged citizens in implementing smart policy and best practices.

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Resilient Communities

From flood risk mitigation to water management, CPEX provides technical assistance and publishes resources to foster a harmonious relationship between Louisianians and our water resources, both inland and along our coast.