CPEX works across Louisiana empowering residents to realize:


Great neighborhoods and quality places

CPEX partners with organizations, neighborhoods, and local governments to create spaces that are safe, beautiful, affordable, and easy to get around. In planning for campus or commercial sites, residential areas, cultural districts, and targeted regions around our state, CPEX engages with clients and partners to sustain great places and realize new ones.


transportation choices

CPEX provides policy and advocacy solutions to support safe, efficient transportation systems that serve all travelers and create more choices for getting to work, home, and in between. 

We know that transportation can have implications on an individual's health and quality of life, as well as our state's environmental outlook and economic competitiveness. CPEX convenes partners, supports coalitions, and produces resources to ensure sustainable transportation options for all Louisiana's residents.


resilient communities

CPEX provides practical and flexible approaches to helping communities improve their resilience by setting priorities and allocating resources to manage risks for their prevailing hazards.

CPEX offers community best practice tools for inland and coastal land loss, hazard mitigation and protection of natural resources, plans for preserving water resources, and nonstructural strategies for property owners.


Civic Engagement and Education

CPEX informs and involves communities in their future, by ensuring elected, business, and community leaders have the necessary tools to build strong neighborhoods, towns and cities. 

Engaged citizens are at the heart of everything we do, from community outreach and gathering stakeholder input to public education and demonstration projects.