The Baton Rouge Sustainable Transportation Action Committee (STAC) is a joint initiative between CPEX and AARP Louisiana, established in 2012 as a coalition of local volunteer partners engaged in making Baton Rouge streets safer and more accessible for all travelers.

STAC came together to push for the City-Parish to adopt a Complete Streets policy that balances the access, mobility, and safety needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users and motorists. Baton Rouge's Complete Streets Policy was adopted in 2014, and the group championed passage of a follow-up ordinance that was passed in 2015, creating the Complete Streets Advisory Committee that was called for in the policy.

stac complete streets toolkit (2018)

Created with support from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, the Toolkit addresses the growing demand for safe, accessible, well-connected bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities in neighborhoods and communities throughout the state. It provides a step-by-step process by which communities, elected officials, government agencies, local businesses and anchor institutions can work together to identify areas of greatest needs, develop shared priorities for infrastructure improvements, and pursue implementation. The Toolkit also includes sample maps, outreach and education materials, and data compilations.

STAC Pilot Project for safe walking, bicycling, and transit use (2017)

florida/foster corridor

Working in partnership with the EBR Dept. of Transportation and Drainage, EBR Planning Commission, DOTD, CATS, and a number of other local stakeholders, BR STAC has launched a pilot project to address the challenge of inadequate and unsafe pedestrian, bicycle, transit and ADA-compliant infrastructure in a target area bordered by Acadian Thruway, Gus Young Avenue/Greenwell Springs Road, Lobdell Avenue, and Government Street.

This pilot project uses a collaborative process to identify the most promising improvements to active transportation infrastructure.  With multiple sources of data and community input, project partners developed a list of recommended projects to be prioritized by the City/Parish for infrastructure improvements that will improve connectivity and safety of walking, biking, and transit users in the area.

The overview of the pilot project process and list of recommendations can be found in the STAC report.

Health in the STAC Pilot Project target area

Considerable health disparities are present on either side of the Florida Blvd. dividing line within the Pilot Project area. Some residents of the Foster/Florida Corridor are much more likely to be obese, have diabetes, and suffer high blood pressure and stroke than their fellow Baton Rouge residents and other Americans – despite the Corridor's rank as 2nd most walkable area of Baton Rouge (based on the distance to nearby places and pedestrian friendliness). Complete Streets promote "active transportation" like walking and biking to work, school, and grocery stores – all great ways for adults to get their recommended amount of physical activity of about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 

Map courtesy of Mid City Studio, Baton Rouge, LA

Map courtesy of Mid City Studio, Baton Rouge, LA


Jessica Keasler | Forum 35                 
Jessica Kemp, Ph.D. | Center for Planning Excellence
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Laurence Lambert | Vectura Consulting Services, LLC
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Lynn Maloney-Mujica | ELOS Environmental, LLC
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David Aguillard | Catholic Charities of Diocese of BR
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Coletta Barrett | OLOL Regional Medical Center
Peter Breaux, Ph.D. | Southern University of BR
Ashley Bridges | American Heart Association        
Rex Cabaniss | WHLC Architecture     
Jeffrey Campbell | Louisiana State University    
Donna Collins-Lewis | BR Metro Council, District 6
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Juan Cruz | Gardere Initiative
Nancy Curry | Federation of GBR Civic Associations
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Rachel Diresto  |  Center for Planning Excellence
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