Camille Manning-Broome

president & ceo

With experience in both social and natural sciences, Camille has developed and oversees multi-disciplinary statewide resiliency and planning efforts that leverage funding, provide technical assistance and model land use tools to communities across the state. Camille has spearheaded and directed cross-agency projects, publishing documents such as the Louisiana Land Use Toolkit, Coastal Best Practices Manual, View From the Coast, and has worked on Comprehensive Plans in more than 30 communities.

Prior to working at CPEX, Camille gained both private-sector and government experience working on a host of issues from strategic planning to hazard mitigation. She first worked for the Federal government creating recovery plans for all the communities impacted from Katrina and later worked at the Shaw Group where she worked on Louisiana’s first Coastal Master Plan. Camille has been an invited guest and participant on Congressional delegation trips to the Netherlands and Japan to study water and disaster management, both led by U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu.  Most recently, she become a Mentor for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, where she is part of an international effort educating individuals on climate change. A native of Baton Rouge, Camille earned her bachelor’s degree at LSU, and later, working under a National Science Foundation grant and assistantship, she received a M.S. in Environmental Sciences with an emphasis on Disaster Science. Her thesis research focused on risk perceptions and adaptation strategies for coastal fishing communities. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Sciences at LSU with her research focusing on climate change adaptation in South Louisiana.  

In addition to her work at CPEX, Camille and her husband, Devin, purchase and revitalize blighted properties. 

Expertise: Business Development, Planning, Implementation, Disaster and Resiliency Planning, Environmental Management, Facilitation, Strategic Planning