Our coast is in crisis. Every day we lose more land. And, the constant threat of natural and man-made disasters is driving more residents to move away — leaving behind critical industries, valuable homes, natural resources and a truly unique way of life. If nothing is done, an invaluable piece of Louisiana culture will be lost forever.

Coastal Louisiana communities, like their inland counterparts, know the value of sensibly regulating development to ensure that their culture and values remain intact while their economies grow. However, coastal communities also face challenges such as land loss, rising seas, intense storms, and environmental hazards like the Deepwater Horizon disaster, that threaten their ecosystems, places, people, and ways of life. To provide strategies for wiser development and redevelopment that reduces risks, CPEX, in partnership with Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, created the Best Practices Manual for Development in Coastal Louisiana.

The Best Practices Manual for Development in Coastal Louisiana is a timely, informative, easy-to-use resource that highlights a number of international, national and local best practices in coastal development. It briefly covers the history of land use and development in coastal Louisiana and recommends a series of relevant strategies for wiser development. These strategies are specific to the various "Geotypes" in southern Louisiana. Covering the various scales of development, this resource informs decision makers in coastal Louisiana of available activities that will promote safer coastal living and preserve residents way of life.