Dr. Robert Twilley 


Dr. Twilley is currently the Executive Director of the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program and a professor of oceanography and coastal sciences at LSU.

Dr. Twilley was the director of the Wetland Biogeochemistry Institute at Louisiana State University at Lafayette, and a professor with the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Science. Most of Dr. Twilley's research has focused on understanding the ecosystem ecology, management practices and biogeochemistry of coastal wetlands both in the Gulf of Mexico (from Florida to the Yucatan Peninsula) and throughout Latin America. He works on the nutrient biogeochemistry of wetland and coastal ecosystems, and on coupled ecological models of ecosystem management. Dr. Twilley has published over 75 articles in journals and book chapters on his research. In 1999 he co-edited The Biogeochemistry of Gulf of Mexico Estuaries, in 2001 he was lead author of Confronting Climate Change in the Gulf Coast Region: Prospects for Sustaining Our Ecological Heritage, and 2002 he was co-author of a report by the Pew Center for Global Climate Change entitled Coastal and Marine Ecosystems and Global Climate Change. Presently, Dr. Twilley is member of the Louisiana Framework Development Team that is developing a comprehensive restoration plan for the Louisiana Coastal Area. He was the recipient of the 2000 Distinguished Professor Award at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and holds the Board of Regents Professorship in Coastal Biodiversity. He is active in the Estuarine Research Federation having co-chaired the ERF’99 conference in New Orleans, and was program chair of the 2003 annual conference of the Society of Wetland Scientists. He has served on several scientific program and review panels including National Science Foundation, EPA, NOAA, World Wildlife Fund, Gordon Conference, and US Climate Change Science Program, as well as on the editorial board of three professional journals.